ANIMAL INDIGESTION DEFINATION = A minor disturbance in the gastrointestinal function is  indigestion which is associate with the change in feed and by over eating and is characterize by Less regurgitation and less ruminal movement of animal and anorexia . indigestion is a minor disturbance in ruminant GI function that occurs most commonly in cattle and rarely in sheep and goats.  indigestion is a diagnosis of exclusion and is typically related to an unfair change in the quality or quantity of the diet.



1) change in feed or by giving spoil food or frozen foods introduction of Urea to the ration can affect tha health of animal

2) grains like carbohydrates produce lactic acid in rumen of animal  due to which the ruminal moments reduce leading to indigestion.

3) more administration of antibiotics . antibiotics are use in excess then they are also kill the useful bacteria which synthesis of Vitamin B complex in this case ruminal pH is also change both of these factors lead to indigestion

4) deficiency of calcium lead to indigestion in animal

5) less intake of water is is there also cause indigestion in animal.


1) anorexia in animal.

2) decreased ruminal movements and regurgitation.

3) constipation and diarrhoea in animal.

4) temperature and Pulse rate and respiration rate are normal .

5) dullness in animal.

6) dehydration due to acidosis or withdrawal of animal which will lead to shunken Eyes.

7) moderate drop in milk production.


1) by history and symptoms.

2) Ruminal ph (falls to acidic )


1) stomachin powder like digestovet ,H.B , pashurakshak pachvardhak 50 to 100 gram is give to animal .

composition of stomachin

soda bi carb = 180 gram
sodium chloride = 180 gram
PNV = 24 gram
pulv gentian = 48 gram

divide in 6 parts one such dose sid orally .

2) Liquor strychnine one to 2 ml is given to animal through sub cut route .

3) If calcium deficiency is in animal then calcium preparation Mifex , calciumborogluconate ,thiacal, calborol calcium preparations increase the ruminal movements.

4 ) Tablet yeast 50 to 100 tabs is given to animal through orally .

5) injection vitamin B- complex ten ml is given to animal through intra mascular route .

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