ANTHRAX (SPLENIC FEVER )  DEFINATION = it is a paracute fibrile bacterial disease of cattle S and G which is characterized by specimia and high temperature and dark colour blood from the natural orifices (mouth ,anus (splenictrils,etc )on rigor mortis (stiffness) and  sweating and splenomegaly this is zoonotic disease.


bacillus anthraces , Gram Positive Bacteria rod shaped the spores of this bacteria resistant to chemical heat and gastric juice and but these bacteria can be destroyed by disinfectant the spores of this bacteria may live for years.


1) it is transmit thought contaminate feed and water and needle
2) its is transmit through cut on skin (through inhalation in human being)
3) In case of pig and through contaminate bone meal.
The spores of this bacteria enter in the respiratory track of human being and they lead to disease (wool sorter’s disease )
The bacteria are destroy by gastric juice .But spores are resistant to it and in the intestine the bacteria are release from spores and cause disease .



1) PER ACUTE SYMPTOMS = death within two hours and if live then high temperature 107°-108° F .tremors and convulsions and dyspnoea and red mucous memberane of eye and nostrils and before death sweating and dark colour blood from natural orifices after death of animal .

2)ACUTE FORM = Death within 24-48 hours and if live then
1) temperature (107°-108°F)
2) Decreased ruminal movement
3) anorexia
4) abortion (in case of pregnancy)
5) tympany / bloat
6) diarrhoea / contipation/ dyseentry.
7) decreased milk yield
8) oedema of throat and perineal region or any part of the body
9) labour breathing.
10) after death dark colour blood from the natural orifices

In pigs mainly pharyngeal oedema is seen no septicemia in horse but oedema on abdomen chest and throat and genital organ .


1) In antrax ,PM not to be done because when bacteria of this diseses  come in contact with air they are change into spores .
2) It is a zonotic disease.
3) no rigor mortis .
4) these is smell and accumulation of gas in the body of the dead animal.


1) by history and symptoms
2) by blood exam
3) by post mortem lesions

1) anti anthrax serum -150-200ml I/V bid 5-6 days
2) injection panicillin -20-40 lacs I/V
3) injection terramycin / cloxacillin / amplicillin / combiotic / dicrysticin / munomycin etc.


1) vaccination and control in healthy animals anthrax vaccine -1ml S/C 1 year  and segregation of affected animal and disinfectant of the area by cautic soda 5-10 per cent and bleaching powder 10 per cent

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