Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds,

Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds ?

Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds :


When we talk about Purple Martins, there’s a renowned truth related to them. it’s a fact that these very little birds don’t share their martin homes with different birds. The common reason behind this habit is that the worry of being killed by birds such as starlings and sparrows. However, these are not the sole threatening species. There are other species as well who could cause hurt to the martins, preventing them from ever nesting in your shelter once more. Here are some predators of the purple martins that you ought to be aware of.

Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds,
Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds

Woodpeckers :

As the name suggests, woodpeckers are fond of wood and can ruin the picket bird house by pecking into the already created holes thereby enlarging them. These birds are not a significant threat to the martins; but, having them in your garden would mean the destruction of the martin house. so as to forestall the destruction, it’s advised that a 1/16” thick piece of aluminium ought to be sandwiched between two pieces of wood which will not let the woodpecker reach his mission of enlarging the entrance holes.

Snakes or Squirrels :

Animals like snakes and squirrels are classified as ascent predators for the purple martins. These species, additionally to raccoons, love birds and their eggs. Squirrels are fast to grab the egg and one attack by any are animals could end in the whole destruction of a colony. Moreover, since raccoons are strong, they additionally possess the flexibility to tear the aluminum employed in the martin house apart so as to induce to its prey.

Snakes are extremely dangerous for purple martins. Not solely do they climb the bird house pole, however also board there till every single member of the colony is consumed. If given an opportunity, a snake will simply clear your martin house before you even know it.


Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds,
Common Predators of Purple Martin Birds

Owls and Crows :

Owls, crows, blue jays, hawks, and coopers are all place into identical class that’s unremarkably termed because the flying predators. inquisitive about each the adult birds and therefore the eggs, these smart birds can destroy your martin house with nice speed. Usually, the adult birds escape and don’t come ever again. Since these flying predators are a standard sight for the purple martins, the adult birds know how to out maneuver them.

In order to avoid obtaining your colony of purple martins destroy by these predators, it’s advise that the martin house should be properly place aloof from trees and may have a decent quantity of aerial space around it.

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