Different Kinds of Brain Tumors ?

Different Types of Brain Tumors :

Recent studies by the yank Cancer Society shows that the death rates from cancer have lowered considerably in recent years. it’s currently two hundredth less than its peak in 1991. whereas scientists still have an extended thanks to go, there has been heaps of advances in technology.

One of the surgical advances that has helped to treat brain cancer is deep brain stimulation (DBS). Recent Clear Point technology has created DBS rather more obtainable to a wider vary of patients. this kind of surgical procedure is performed with lasers and proves to be a lot of faster and far less painful than ancient surgery.

There are many varieties of brain tumors that you simply will get. Here could be a temporary description of the various sorts of tumors and their symptoms:


Acoustic Neuromas :

It’s official name is proprioception schwannoma. This tumor grows in histologist cells and is commonest in time of life. Their primary symptom is loss of hearing, however the larger ones also will cause headaches, vomiting, and altered consciousness. Another symptom of acoustic neuromas is neck pain. It is treat by surgery and radiation.


These originate in interstitial tissue cells within the neural structure. They seldom leave the brain, however can generally unfold to the medulla spinalis. There are many differing kinds and grades of astrocytomas that may type. they will type at any age, though the additional severe cases square measure typically found in adults. One will operate dead for years with astrocytomas. they will be treat either through surgery or medical care.

Glioblastoma multiforme:

These are the foremost common sorts of brain tumors found in humans. {they are terribly the best grade of astrocytoma and are very dangerous since they unfold quickly. It will cause a large sort of symptoms, together with seizures, vomiting, headaches, and hemiparesis (weakness on one aspect of the body). they’re extraordinarily tough to treat and completely different cases need different treatments. a number of the additional common sorts of treatments embrace surgery, irradiation, and therapy.
Meningioma. this can be an array of tumors that develops from the tissue layer within the central system. In most cases, they’re benign. Symptoms that occur embrace weakness, focal seizures, and intracranial pressure. it’s unremarkably determine. However in cases of malignancy, surgery or radiation is also perform.

Pituitary tumors:

Pituitary adenomas are tumors that are settle within the hypophysis. This ends up in gland disease which implies that luteotropin, adrenocorticotropic hormones, and growth hormones are over secreted. this can conjointly cause headaches and conjointly manifest in depression, anxiety, apathy, and emotional instability.

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