Healthy Cockatiel Diet,

Healthy Cockatiel Diet ?

Healthy Cockatiel Diet :-

It’s no secret these days that having a healthy diet will keep you in top condition, and probably make your life longer and happier. Obviously, the same applies to your birds, and you may be wondering what the healthiest diet for a cockatiel is.

Healthy Cockatiel Diet,
Healthy Cockatiel Diet


Seeds or Pellets :

While pet birds used to be fed on mostly seed, today we have an alternative in pellets. These pellets are specially formulated to mimic the nutritional balance of a wild cockatiel’s diet, which is why so many experts are so passionate about them. You can buy them from most pet stores, and they’re not overly expensive.

Pellets might be the better option, but the truth is that a cockatiel can live a long and healthy life on a seed based diet, as long as they’re getting the fruits and vegetables they need as well.

And, even though pellets are designed to have all the nutrients your cockatiel would naturally get, they still need fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. A multivitamin tablet is supposed to contain all the vitamins and minerals we need, but I’ve yet to meet a doctor who would recommend taking them instead of eating vegetables.

Healthy Cockatiel Diet,
Healthy Cockatiel Diet
Fruits and Vegetables :

Aside from adding some interesting variety to your bird’s diet, fruits and vegetables have the same benefits for them that they do for us. They’re full of essential nutrients, which the body needs to stay in peak condition. An all seed diet will lead to vitamin deficiencies, which can cause painful and deadly diseases.

Many cockatiel owners struggle to get their feathered friend to eat their vegetables. At least with a child you can tell them they’re not getting down from the table until they’ve cleared their plate. Try doing that with a cockatiel.

But it’s worth a little ongoing effort and patience on your part, because once your cockatiel starts eating their greens, you’re able to make sure they have a healthy diet for their whole life – and cockatiels can live for a long time.

The general rule with veggies is the darker the color the more nutritious it is. The deep green of broccoli means that it’s pack full of goodness, whereas the light green of lettuce means that it’s mostly water.

Healthy Cockatiel Diet,
Healthy Cockatiel Diet


Treats :

We might be use to thinking of food treats as the unhealthy options, but that isn’t necessarily true for your cockatiel. Cockatiels often go crazy for some of their healthiest food option.

A great example is seeding grasses, while they’re still green and ripening. These grass seeds are part of their natural diet, and cockatiels love them – it’s difficult to describe the frenzy to get at them when you bring them into your home. What’s better is that seeds are much more nutritious, and less fatty, while they’re still ripening.

Obviously, you don’t have a fresh supply of seeding grasses all year round, but another good option is millet sprays. You know the kind, you can buy them in any pet store as a bird treat. You might not realize that their actually healthier for your bird than their seed mix is.

Food Hygiene :

It’s no use serving healthy food on a filthy plate, and it can be easy to overlook that’s what you’re doing with your cockatiel. Food and water dishes need to be wash daily with warm, soapy water, just like you’d wash your own dishes after each use.

Also, fruits and vegetables need to be remove after only 4-8 hours of being introduce, depending on the climate where you are. You see, once they start to spoil, your cockatiel will get sick if they eat them.


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