MASTITIS DEFINATION = it is a bacterial disease of dairy cattle which is characteriz by inflammation /nodules on udder and tits flakes /water or blood in milk.

a) predisposing causes=

1) unhygienic condition
2) defective milking
3) incomplete milking

b) exciting causes =

1) streptococcus agalatiae(80% infection)
2) streptococcus dysgalactiae
3) streptococcus aureus
4) corynebacterium tuberculosis
5) escherichia coli
6) pseudomonas augregenosa
7) diplococcus (all species)



1) By milkers hand and milking hand machine
2) by teat canal

Symptoms = It is of four types

1) per acute mastitis =

a) inflammation of udder and teats which is painful
b) temperature becomes high in animal
c) sweeling had happen in udder and teats
d) death of animal is happen in the end.

2) acute mastitis =

a) inflamation of udder and teats with small pain.
b) increased temperature (104°F)
c) tissue of udeer and teats become hard
d) growth of bacteria in udder
e) anorexia

3) sub -acute mastitis =

a) change in colour of milk – it may be yellowish waterly, blood or flakes in milk
b) no temperature no anorexia is found in animal
c) decrease milk production

4) chronic mastitis =

a) no pain and inflamation to animal
b) mainly flakes in milk or no milk in teat .the udder will be fibrose

1) By history and symptoms
2) by mastoid test or california mastitis test :take 2 ml of milk from the affected udder and add 2 ml of mastoid solution mix it well if thickening of milk .then positive for mastitis
3) by lab test : a) by bacteriological exam
b) by culture of milk of animal
-sensitivity test.



1)intra mammary infusions is given to animal
NOTE : first drain out all the milk from the affect quarter of animal and I/M infusion should be used .Dont use the milk affect quarter until 2-4 days after the completion of treatment of animal

2) If blood in milk ,then use :formalin 10 ml in 1-2 liter of water orally to animal

3) If blockage in teat canal then remove that blockage with the help of hug’s knife and then apply the polythene tube.



1) Hygeinic condition for animal
2) washing of hands and udder and teats before and after milking of animal
3) full hand milking should be done.
4) the milking of affect animal should be done in the separate utensil.

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