Most deadliest dinosaur in the history ?

Most deadliest dinosaur in the history ?

Tyrannosaurus rex


Most deadliest dinosaur


it was one altogether the foremost necessary carnivorous dinosaurs that ever lived.

SIZE: forty feet long; fifteen to twenty feet tall

Everything with reference to this savage predator and  from its thick and serious bone to its 4-foot-long (1.2-meter-long) jaw and was design for optimum bone-crushing action.

Fossil proof shows that saurischian dinosaur was with reference to forty feet (12 meters) long and with reference to fifteen to twenty feet (4.6 half-dozen|to six} meters) tall.


Most deadliest dinosaur


Its durable thighs and long, powerful tail helped it move quickly and its giant 5-foot-long (1.5-meter-long) bone may bore into prey.

T- rex’s serrate and kind teeth were presumably accustom pierce and grip flesh and that it then rip away with its durable neck muscles.

Its two-fingered forearms may altogether chance seize prey but they were too short to attain its mouth.

Tyrannosaurus lives up to its name collectively of the foremost alarming animals of all time.

Most deadliest dinosaur


Its powerful jaws had sixty teeth and all up to 20 cm (8 inches) long and its bite was around thrice as powerful than that of a lion.

Bite marks found on ceratopsian and hadrosaur fossil bones show that theropod might crunch through bone.


Most deadliest dinosaur


Analysis of inflexible bird-footed dinosaur dung show that it contained the bones of its prey.

The theropod bone was over one.five m (5 feet) long and thus the cavity that housed the a district of the brain responsible for smell was relatively large.

Tyrannosaurus would have used its gumption of smell to hunt live prey and notice dead bodies to scavenge.

it would are able to dash the opposite scavengers, thus it failed to ought to share.

Some theropod fossils show bite marks from totally different tyrannosaurs, thus it’s clear that they fought each other, whether or not or not over food or mates.

We know that shut relatives of theropod typically lived on as a results of there unit fossils of groups United Nations agency were buried on, but we have a tendency to  don’t grasp in fact if they afraid alone and  or in packs like lions and wolves do these days.


Most deadliest dinosaur


So far and  no groups of theropod skeletons are found. Most deadliest dinosaur in the history

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