Planning to Buy a Parrot? Read This First !!

Planning to Buy a Parrot? Read This First !!


Parrots are pretty. many acquire intensive vocabularies. Some learn tricks. the ideal pet, right?


As a parrot owner of virtually twenty years, and somebody who has found homes for many unwanted birds throughout that point, I’ve learned that there’s way more to the story.

Now before you head to the pet store, contemplate the following ten points. whereas you browse, bear in mind that keeping a parrot in an exceedingly cage or dark room to forestall or mitigate its behavior is abuse. This apply will cause permanent, irreparable, psychological harm.

1. Parrots are not domesticate animals :


Parrots are basically wild animals. they’ll be tamed, however they’re not domesticate like dogs or cats. they retain their wild instincts and behaviors.

2. Parrots are loud :


Parrots are flock animals; they impart noisily and often with alternative members of the flock. Even happy parrots yell and screech. If they speak, they will apply favorite words endlessly. this is normal behavior.

3. Parrots bite :


They have giant, powerful, sharp beaks. Bites will cause terribly serious harm. Parrots bite humans they love further as those they hate. They bite for many reasons – and if you have got a parrot, you’ll eventually be bitten.

4. Parrots are destructive :


Their beaks are powerful tools, and that they keep them in high form by change of state things. they do not differentiate between toys and costly furnishings, clothing, eyeglasses, carpets, wires, etc. chewing is traditional behavior, and in the future something vital will be chewed.

5. Parrots are expensive :

Everything related to parrots is dear. correct cages are expensive. Providing Associate in Nursing current provide of toys, that are quickly destroy, is costly. Feeding a parrot is dear, and far of the food is waste. Regular vet visits will stretch your budget.

6. Parrots are demanding :


Parrots are sentient, living, social beings. they have fellowship and interaction. as a result of they have to be unbroken in an exceedingly cage for their safety, they’re dependent on their caregivers for everything in their life. they cannot be ignore or put off till it’s convenient. They are intelligent. They know once they are being pink-slip. they have your interest and time each day.

7. Parrots are time-consuming :


Cages should be completely clean and check for harm frequently, their water replace many times every day, food check and replace daily, and fresh food provide double daily. Toys should be turn and replace often.

You cannot leave parrots unsupervised for long periods. They foul their water and food; their cages become dirty and malodorous , and unsanitary conditions lead to illness. they can become caught in their toys and injure or kill themselves. Neglected and bored parrots become neurotic and suicidal.

8. Parrots are hormonal :


Baby and juvenile parrots are cute and seraphic. however baby parrots become old. they have to be properly handle and socialize whereas young, or unwant and neurotic behaviors will develop. Parrots eventually become sexually mature; they require to search out mates and build nests. they will become aggressive with their caregivers, or reject their caregivers in favor of someone else.

Parrots are cavity nesters World Health Organization build their nests in hollow trees. they’re going to look for similar places within the home – like cabinets or closets. they’re terribly persistent and territorial, and might be unpleasant to live with. Females lay eggs even while not a mate. this could cause metallic element deficiencies or serious conditions like egg binding.

9. Parrots are messy :


They drop and throw their food after they eat. The slop water around after they bathe in their water bowl. They chew things up and toss the items everyplace.  strew feathers over everything, and also the feathers that produce powder coat each available surface with dirt. they are not appropriate pets for folks with allergies or those that enforce an immaculate home.

Parrots poop everyplace, including in their water and food bowls – and on your favorite consumer goods. though they’ll be train to poop on command, they need to be allow to poop fairly often or they’ll become sick (expensive vet visit) or die (no costlier parrot).

10. Parrots are forever :


Parrots are durable. they’re going to outlast you. they are quite a lifespan commitment. They don’t seem to be commodities. they are intelligent beings World Health Organization kind advance relationships. They suffer showing emotion and psychologically from being enraptured from home to home.

If you would not sell your kid because you not wish it, or lock your kid in an exceedingly dark room and ignore it as a result of it had been loud, inconvenient, or not fun; if you cannot imagine being saddled with a 2-year-old kid for over fifty years – then you do not need a parrot.

Unwanted parrots are ignore, neglect, and eventually sold cheaply or given away. They suffer greatly.

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