SILAGE FOR DAIRY ANIMALS : SILAGE:- Silage is a fermented feed resulting from the storage of high moisture crop, usually green forages under anaerobic conditions in a structure, called silo.-

ENSILING = It is also referred to as ensilage. There is a physical and chemical changes that take place when forages or feed with sufficient moisture are store in a silo in the absence of air. The entire silage process required three weeks for converting forages into silage

SILO:- Silo is an air tight or semi-air tight structure design for storage and preservation at high moisture feed as silage.

*KINDS OF CROP FOR SILAGE :- Any crop having sufficient soluble carbohydrates and moisture the produce desire quantities of acids may be make silage maize and sorghum is the best crop for the silage making leguminous crop Lucern, Cowpea, Berseem are not suitable for silage.

*PREPARATION OF FORAGES FOR MAKING SILAGE :- 1. Harvest at proper stage of maturity. The crop should be harvest at flowering stage. 2. Moisture Content:- 35-40% dry matter that is 60-65% is best moisture content for crop to be ensiling. The high moisture content of silage can be lowerby:-

a.) CONDITIONING/ WILTING:- Conditioning for 3-4 hours on good dry day may reduce 10-15% moisture content. b.) Adding straw:- Upto 5-10% straw can be added. Add an additive or preservative when needed like molasses, urea, limestone, organic acid etc, then fill rapidly. One silo filling is started it should be rapid within two days or less, for creating desire type anaerobic condition in silo forages. During filling should be compressed. Never fill a silo in rainy season.

siling of SILO:- For making an silo anaerobic it must to stop the entrance at atmospheric air.


When green chopped fodder forage is first stored in compact mass in a silo the living plant cells continues to respire, thus rapidly using up oxygen in the traped air and giving off Co2. In about 4-5 hrs free O2 is all used up but Co2 is increasing rapidly for about 48 hrs. Subsequently due to production of other metabolites including various gases like Co2 , methane, CO, No2 etc. SILAGE FOR DAIRY ANIMALS

The amount of Co2 beginning decreasing, this condition will promote optimum production of organic acid like lactic acid, acetic acid and formic acid by bacteria to prevent decomposition eventually acid will kill bacteria and preserve the silage.


1.) Green fodder can be kept in succulent condition for a long time. As there is an acute shortage of green fodder during the summer months silage can not empty/ deficiency.

2.) Grass silage preserve 85% or more at feed value of crop. SILAGE FOR DAIRY ANIMALS

3.) It is the most economical form in which the whole stalk of maize or sorghum can be process and store.

4.) It is very palatable feed and slightly laxative in nature

5) The produce form in a given area can be stored in a less space than dry fodder at some quality.

6) It is better source of protein and certain vitamin specially

DISADVANTAGES :- 1.) It require a silo this is likely to mean higher cost for a small farmer.

2.) It contain less vitamin-D due to absence of sunlight.

3.) Extra labour is need at silo filling time.

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