The Macaw Parrot and Their Magnificence,

So You Bought a Parrot, Now What ?

So You Bought a Parrot, Now What,
The African Grey Parrot As A Companion Bird

So You Bought a Parrot, Now What :-


In my other blog, I write of my existence. But, most of my posts revolve around my parrots, as will my life. it’s in my belief that birds weren’t supposed to get on this earth thus we tend to might still them in a very confine our homes. in spite of what your faith is, birds weren’t created for solitary stationary lives. They were supposed to fly within the nice outdoors. no one will argue therewith.

But, currently you have got one in your home, as do I. currently what? Well, let’s hope that you just did your analysis and you found a parrot that’s right for you and your family. We’re going to assume you did for the sake of this text and my sanity.


So You Bought a Parrot, Now What,
The African Grey Parrot As A Companion Bird

The first thing that has to be purchased may be a cage. have you ever ever walked into a pet store and saw that they need a procurement going on, “Buy This Cage, Get a parrakeet FREE!” do not try this. simply buy the parrakeet and cage separately as a result of THAT cage will not be large enough for your new family member. Remember, your new love one is a bird with wings and can ought to use those wings. A cage for a parrakeet ought to be wider than taller, as a result of they’re not helicopters which will fly straight up.

Bigger is often higher once shopping for a cage for your new pet. However, the dimension of the bar spacing in cages is also even as vital, as small heads will get cornered in between the bars. So, keep that in mind once purchasing the cage.

A good cage size for a parrot or larger parrot is one wherever your parrot will stretch his wings without touching the sides of his cage.


So You Bought a Parrot, Now What,
The Macaw Parrot and Their Magnificence

As with the subject of human kids and nutrition, there are even as several debates on parrot nutrition. Some say pellets solely, some say seeds and pellets, some say fresh foods, seeds, and pellets, some say steamed foods, recent foods, seeds, and pellets; however, nobody says that only feeding seeds is sweet for a parrot.

Mine get a large kind of foods on a usual. If you scan my alternative web log, you would apprehend that i’m having some problems with Sisco intake foods that square measure sensible for her. She may be a seed junky and can not eat anything except mashed potatoes. similar to human kids, if they’re exposed to solely bound things, they’ll never develop a style of alternative foods. However, if they’re exposed to sensible foods on a usual, they will eventually attempt one thing, and probably even like it!

The point is to never surrender making an attempt to feed your parrot healthy foods and ne’er stop learning regarding parrot nutrition.

So You Bought a Parrot, Now What,
Signs of a Sick Bird

What does one mean by toys? My bird needs toys? is not a swing enough? Um, no. Your bird desires one thing to try and do. A bored bird is an unhappy bird. Bird that’s busy may be a happy bird. A bird that’s fast terribly} cage from day in to trip with nothing to try and do can exhibit very unwelcoming behaviors like excessive screaming. A bird that does not have any toys (or the incorrect toys for THAT specific bird) however is allow the liberty to come back and go as he pleases might begin to be harmful to the items around him, like the molding on your massive picture window or your first edition of Twilight.

There are lots of totally different toys on the market these days. to select out that toy is correct for your bird can simply be a method of trial and error. however in point of fact, a bird ought to have a range of toys and not a similar sort of toy in his cage in the least times. you should have enough toys to be ready to rotate each few weeks.


No, it’s not enough to plop them in a very cage with healthy foods and enough toys to outfit a bird toy store. Sorry. you would like to listen to him. you are doing not need to hold your parrot 24/7, however you do ought to offer him close attention. close attention is to offer your parrot attention while she is in her cage or on her playstand. this will be achieved with simply speech your parrot, interacting together with her, line his name once he requires you, reading to her, saltation together with her, singing together with her, observance TV and keeping a running comment with her of what you see, etc. this is the sort of attention parrots completely love.


So You Bought a Parrot, Now What,
The Macaw Parrot and Their Magnificence

Your new chum has to see a doctor from time to time. it’s true that birds hide their sicknesses, thus when you see what might potentially be a sign of associate degree ill health, get him to a vet as before long as possible! The time to search out an honest craniate vet is once he’s healthy, not once it’s an emergency.

Those are some of the basics of parrot care. The terribly basics, sadly. If you are doing not treat your parrot just like the delicate animal he’s, things will go terribly wrong in an instant.

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