The Beauty of African Grey Parrots !!

The Beauty of African Grey Parrots :

The African gray could be a terrific, sensitive and extremely smart bird. They need diligent house owners and are a significant commitment. However, they’re really pleasant and if approached with the right understanding can make a womb-to-tomb companion.

Originating from Africa, there square measure 2 distinct types: the Congo African grey and therefore the Timneh African gray. The Congo is the larger of the 2, activity 12-14 inches with a bright red tail. The Tinmen is smaller, nearer to 11-13 inches with a darker coloring and crimson tail. The Congo and therefore the Timneh originate in numerous regions of continent.

These highly….

intelligent parrots became famous from the cognitive studies of Dr. Irene Pepper berg. Dr. Pepperberg worked “Alex”, a Congo African grey. Alex was ready to acknowledge and name additional then a hundred objects. He may label colours and count. Dr. Pepperberg worked with Alex for over thirty years. it’s advised these stunning birds have the intelligence of a five year recent kid. they’re sensitive and emotional, resembling the emotions of a a pair of year recent kid. They need mental stimulation as a five year recent child would. If bored or depressed they’ll be prone to feather plucking. In general, they’re anxious and cautious in new things.

They have a…..

superior ability to mimic humans, usually within the person’s voice. typically they’re going to begin speaking once one year old-time and might usually learn many new words weekly. They kind robust attachments to their human “flock” and sometimes have favorites. they need been aforementioned to be less loveable then different species, nonetheless lovesome and dependable. they’re the professors of the bird flock and need the maximum amount attention as different species. They relish games that need mental stimulation like hunt for “hidden treasures” of toys and treats. If one choses to home associate African grey, socialization of individuals and new surroundings, mental activities and emotional nurturing is extremely necessary. they cannot sit quietly in an exceedingly cage, joined wouldn’t raise a five year recent kid to. however the rewards of the gray are immense. they are very “human like” and very special.

African Greys….

have a life of roughly sixty years and need a significant commitment because of their extremely smart and sensitive nature. Hardy birds, they need a diet supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. If creating a commitment to associate African gray, it’s extremely advise to associate visit an vertebrate vet for complete check ups, nutritionary steerage and blood work. Birds naturally can hide sicknesses for a long time. usually once sickness is suspect it’s too late.

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